Proven Track Record

Between April 2005 and March 2013 NISP generated significant financial, environmental and social benefits in return for public investment.  The results achieved through NISP now provide a robust evidence base to support the role of industrial symbiosis in helping businesses improve profitability, commercial competitiveness and environmental performance.  All of the results achieved have been independently verified. 

Results include:

  • £1.1 billion cost savings achieved
  • £1.4 billion generated in additional sales
  • Over 10,000 jobs created or safeguarded
  • 45 million tonnes materials recovered and reused
  • 39 million tonnes industrial carbon emissions reduced
  • 71 million tonnes industrial water savings made

NISP has been written into the European Commission's 'Roadmap for a Resource Efficient Europe' as an example of industrial symbiosis best practice.  

Most recently the European Resource Efficiency Platform recommended that all 27 EU Member States implement pan-European industrial symbiosis, either by scaling up existing examples, such as NISP, or investing in new ones.  

NISP is also cited as best practice in the 'European Waste Framework Directive' and is a key policy recommendation for the European Commission's 'Roadmap to a Resource Efficient Europe.'


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