Banking on Sustainability with Lloyds

Alan Goward, Head of Sustainable Development at Lloyds Bank talks to NISP Network News about the steps it is taking to help its SME customers become more sustainable and how being a member of  NISP Network plays an integral part.   

“Here at Lloyds Bank we fully understand the importance of sustainability to businesses today but are often asked ‘why a bank is involved in promoting sustainability?’.

The answer is simple… by encouraging our customers to be more sustainable we help them increase profits and reduce costs.  We see sustainable development as good old-fashioned business planning - saving energy, reducing waste and streamlining manufacturing processes helps our customers’ balance sheets to stay healthy.

Lloyds has a host of practical and accessible initiatives to support its customers to improve the way they do business AND be sustainable at the same time.  Our ‘Sustainable Development Team’ is dedicated to helping SME customers in particular to become more sustainable, and over the past few years has provided help and guidance to hundreds of businesses.  

We also have a UK wide network of Business and Environment Managers, the first bank to offer such dedicated support, who offer commercially relevant and environmentally sound guidance to SME customers.  Each manager has been trained on a course accredited by specialists at the University of Cambridge, and are leaders within the financial industry. 

We also offer a free online REDUCE tool enabling customers (and non-customers alike) to design a bespoke sustainability action plan. The interactive tool provides a structured framework that helps guide businesses through the processes for embedding sustainability practices within everyday operations. 

Our ‘Sustainability for Business’ leaflet provides businesses with ideas, useful information and case studies about why sustainability is important and how it can be achieved.   

More recently we have introduced a series of nationwide seminars bringing SME customers into direct contact with recognised industry experts at which high profile speakers from such organisations as NISP Network, the Energy Savings Trust and the Eden Project explain why sustainability makes financial sense. 

 We ensure that Lloyds’ customers get the very best help to enable them to meet their sustainable development goals.  For more information on Lloyds Bank sustainability support click here: 

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