NISP Joins Forces with 2degrees

We are immensely proud of all that NISP has achieved over the years, but recent changes in government spending mean we needed to change the way it works in the UK.

NISP is the world’s first national industrial symbiosis programme, and most successful example of facilitated industrial symbiosis in the world today; replicated at regional and national levels in over 20 countries across Europe, Asia, North and South America and Africa.  

And it is thanks to all the businesses who have been a part of it over the last eight years, that the eyes of the world are on us, as the world’s appetite for industrial symbiosis gathers real pace.

NISP has been running since 2003 and, and at its peak in the UK, 15,000 businesses from all sectors and sizes of UK industry participated. Many of these businesses reaped impressive financial and environmental benefits; saving money on buying resource inputs, reducing disposal or transport costs, and increasing sales by turning resources that had previously little or no value into tradable, commercial commodities.  

And thanks again to those same businesses, NISP collectively reduced the UK’s carbon dioxide-equivalent emissions by 42 million tonnes, and redirected over 48 million tonnes of ‘wasted resources’ away from landfill and back into productive use.   NISP also contributed more than £3 billion to industry by cutting costs and creating new business opportunities and sales.  It also secured over 10,000 jobs and supported many new business start-ups throughout the last decade.  

However, recent changes in government spending have meant we have had to change the way NISP works in the UK.  We want to continue to inspire businesses to examine their processes and identify new, more productive and efficient ways of consuming resources and producing value-added products and services. 

In order to do this we invite businesses to register to become a member of NISP COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE on to access information, news and case studies from our extensive NISP archives.  

Once registered, users can book directly into NISP events and workshops, and submit details on their resource streams, in particular those that are difficult, expensive or unusual. For those companies requiring more specific support, we can identify opportunities to increase resource productivity through our bespoke consultancy and facilitation services, which are available on a commercial basis.  

To enable us to use our expertise to inspire as many businesses as we can, we have joined forces with 2degrees, the world’s largest online community for sustainable business professionals, to launch a new ‘Industrial Symbiosis’ channel.  

2degrees has over 40,000 members and connections to over 100,000 sustainability professionals via social media, providing a powerful platform to tell the world all about the benefits of industrial symbiosis.  

Three reasons to follow the 2degrees Industrial Symbiosis channel:

Ask the experts - Like thousands of 2degrees members that have already done so, post a discussion and use the community to crowd-source ideas, solutions, and techniques;

Stay informed - Access a vast library of case studies, interviews, news and features articles from across the sustainable business community;

Connect – Network and schmooze with the world’s largest (40’000+) and most influential sustainable business professionals.  

Oh and threre's also a fourth, joining 2degrees is completely Free!  

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