Mark Bradford, Production Systems Manager, Toyota

"Before I joined NISP I wouldn't have had the opportunity to learn from others, discover the wealth of potential service provision or the support network of working with others in the local community.  Becoming a member of NISP has been one of the best decisions I have made and I continue to advocate any business to join." 


Helen Franklin, Managing Director, Lower Reule Bioenergy Ltd.

"The networking opportunities available through NISP's workshops have proved indispensable to the success of our business." 


Jamie Wilkins, Environmental Manager, Tingdene Homes

"NISP was able to show us how to use our supply chains effectively in order to maximise recycling opportunities, help us to resolve a waste problem and also provide us with a cost saving."


Alan Young, Head of Waste, Thames Water

"NISP's approach provides an excellent means for companies to identify and access methods of recovery, reprocessing and reuse for a variety of material waste streams from our projects."


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